People of The Real is a family project dedicated to inspiring individuals to develop our own, unique, direct relationship with our Soul Intelligence. It is not affiliated with any earthly organizations.

It is From The People; Through The People; To The People.

"Our cosmic mission as Sovereign Souls

in a human form, living on earth,

is to demonstrate the synthesis of opposites,

in equal partnership and harmony,

like spreading our right and left wings,

to embrace all life into one heart...

Re-membering how to fly..."

Gil & Ayelet |

Excerpt from a live interview with Gil - July 2014

Dare To Imagine A Whole New Life Experience...

Beloved One, Welcome from Gil & Ayelet

People of The Real is our contribution,

to the cosmic, multidimensional, all-embracing, Family Project of Original Source of all that is.

This Omni family mission

includes humanity on earth

in a profound,

deeply meaningful,

highly intelligent,

and wide-open


It is a creative open framework,

designed to assist in the long-prophesied shift of consciousness that is transitioning us into a new level of intelligence and vibrational frequency.

Restoring the shattered mirror

of separation, oppression & limitation

into a pure mirror that will

wholistically reflect our Real,

unlimited, liberated Essence.

The time has come

to remember and re-establish a covenant,

which is ancient & unbreakable.

The priceless treasure

of our primordial, original,

authentic state of inmost being,

in which...

We All Live :

Together, Forever, InLove™

This State of Togetherness

is available to



at every moment,

Equally, with no exception.

This Is our Divine Insurance,

our True Freedom

our Sovereignty.

The Heart Is The Portal

Due to the illusion of separation, humanity is suffering from:

spiritual dehydration.

Our work is centralized in constant continuous silent transmissions, of the deeper and higher fluid intelligence, of the universal spirit essence, through our energetic heart.

We use it as the core medicine to help our human family and Earth nature in what we call:

Spiritual Rehydration.

While we did experience in our history major cycles that redefined human achievement and reached impressive advancements, still, we did not discover the solutions that will unify our HUMAN FAMILY as a civilization that lives together in peace and harmony.

There are currently 7.9 Billion Souls incarnated on Earth.

This number surpasses any number of souls, incarnated at one time, in the history of this planet, as we know it.

As we witness what is coming to the surface and being exposed in our world, it seems more chaotic, confusing, and conflicted than ever before.

The reason being is that the event which is taking place worldwide, is on a level of magnitude, incomparable by any historical measure;

What was hidden from us, is increasingly manifesting right in front of our eyes to a point of which we can no longer turn a blind eye, deny or ignore it.

It is catalyzing us to ask questions and to look for solutions since the chaos is no longer only in someone else's arena but rather is in all of our back yards.

And here we can see the divine order in this chaos, it is the process of revealing for the purpose of healing.

For it is indeed a conclusion of an old era and a beginning of a new one, leading to the co-creation of a living paradigm that has been unknown to our planet thus far.

Life is presenting us with an opportunity not to be missed.

Therefore so many cosmic beings have made their way to this place, to observe and participate in this miraculous event, which we are all a part of.

We call this newly emerging planetary breakthrough:

The Dawning Era of The Real.

The Heart is The Portal

Excerpt from a live interview - July 2014

*Clarification: In this particular excerpt, when Gil refers to 'The Spiritual Path' he means the dogmatic path of the old era which is hierarchical and externally reliant, vs 'The Path of Liberation' which is a spiritual path of the new era, that is independent and internally reliant.

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Gil & Ayelet

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