A Glimpse Into Our Journey...

Our names are Gil and Ayelet and we have been life partners for nearly 30 years.

We are a soul-centered family team, independent spiritual explorers, relational pioneers & culture builders; dedicated to giving genuine service to our human family.

Between us, we have over eleven decades of diverse life experience, which we infuse into a focused mission:

To assist individuals who are open and willing, to access their soul consciousness directly from within, integrate it into our day-to-day behaviors, and co-create together a benevolent culture, for the benefit of all and generations to come.

We believe that this is the real medicine to the human condition and this focus is our life, our work, our vacation, and our celebration.

Back in our 20's, we embarked on a remarkable journey, dedicating our lives to study the deeper truths of existence, the hidden secrets of our human condition, and the mysterious realms of our spiritual nature.

On this path, we have been through many hardships and joys, confusions and convictions, disillusionments and miracles, sacrifices and celebrations.

We have experienced many lows of the human condition and many heights of spiritual breakthroughs.

We have learned valuable lessons, gained clarity, and accumulated experiential wisdom, which allows us to offer authentic nourishment, inspiration & guidance, to help make it easier for members of our family who are on a similar path.

Through the years, we started to naturally develop a benevolent culture within our own household, as a by-product of our spiritual development, and we live by it as

a family unit.

In the center of our family culture are a few principles, such as:

♦ The identity of each of us as a Soul, first;

♦ The honor of our freedom as individuals on a soul path;

♦ The genuine agreement to respect each other's free will.

♦ The consideration of each of us when making decisions

Through many years of living by these and other core values, we have been blessed with their fruits and we are moved by a deep sense of responsibility to share them with our extended family, due to their undeniable benefit in our life.

We are in the making... and while we keep on discovering, restoring, and transforming individually and as a family, we envision all people learning to live together in love, equality, and freedom, as an integral family that is aware, connected, and liberated.

To support this vision to come alive, we are here to contribute our innovative add-ons to uplift and enrich the universal network of sovereign souls, who are carrying out the divine plan of original source into the multiverse; which is now beginning to make itself known and manifest in our human on earth for the first time in the history of this world.


About Gil

Gil is an independent spiritual visionary and innovator of the new era. Bringing forth a new dimension of consciousness into the sensory perception, behavioral expression, and functional experience of humanity on earth.

About Ayelet

Ayelet is a cultural visionary, with a special interest in developing emotional benevolence and co-creating benevolent communities virtualy, localy & globaly. She is also a writer, a webmaster & an event organizer.

While we co-create and work together on everything, Gil is the leading force on the creation and direction of our spiritually centered site - People of The Real, and Ayelet is the leading force on the creation and direction of our cultural platform - Benevolent Culture. This allows us to collaborate in a way that is supportive of our mutual mission and each of our unique individual propensities and skill set.

Watch this video interview to learn more about Gil's work:

It warms our hearts to receive love notes from our beloved people and we are deeply grateful for it. 🙏🙏

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Thank you, thank you, thank you! The words and the energies behind, in, and emanating from them are simply…Divine! All My Love to this Beautiful Family! <3

Jeremy M.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Gil and Ayelet, thank you for being such a blessing in all of our lives... I am really blown away by your beautiful example of soulful living... Thank You so much from all of us, you are so appreciated and loved."

Steve C. and group [WA]

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

“Beloved Gil and Ayelet, this was a very excellent meditation tonight; thank you so very much; I am still within it somewhat. Thank you so very much for the music you did Gil; [Heart Imagination song], it is wonderfully poetic and thoughtful.”

Valerie S. [WA]

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Thank you for being such beautiful loving beings who are so willing to help our planet and everyone on it. You are exactly who I have needed to connect with. Now my daughter is being blessed by you as well. I love you both and I appreciate who you are so much. I feel so blessed that you have come into my life at exactly the time I need it."

Connie P. [Oregon]

Our Next Live Group Session with Gil will be in the fall of 2022 - Details Here

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