Inspiring Soul Creations by Gil

CoreSymphony includes the more artistic, inspirational elements of Gil's work, such as poetry, writings, and music, while The Soulful Human includes the more practical, experiential elements, such as sessions, workshops, and events.

Yet, both are interwoven seamlessly and serve the same purpose,

providing essential information and spiritual nourishment for the

wholistic practitioners of the new era.

The Past is Old. The Future is Ancient.
In Our Ancient Future - We All Live

Together Forever inLove™

This Is Our Divine Insurance
Our True Freedom
Our Sovereignty

© Gil

Welcome Message From Gil

Beloved One, Welcome...

This website is a metaphoric megaphone for my personal, authentic voice, as an awakening individuated core consciousness.

Through this medium of self-expression, I am opening a new channel of communication with you, my beloved sister, brother, who are listening to these words right this moment.

My name is Gil and I am your brother of the same parent:

The One & Only Original Source of All That IS...

I am here to share with you an experience and its by-products, with the intent to support your unique soul journey...

An experience I arrived at, in which I reconnected with my beloved source, directly from within, and since then, I’ve been re-developing my personal, intimate relationship with it.

That re-defining moment spun me out of my orbit, into a whole new spiral of adventure, which I make consistent and accelerated, through the power of my free will.

By inviting, invoking, and consciously co-developing this ultimate, intimate love affair... I am breaking free from within and finding myself, in the Divine Process of Realizing my True Sovereign Essence.

The new sphere that is opening unto me, is infinitely deeper, higher, and wider than the wildest of fantasies I held dear to my mind, up to this point.

And this is indeed the focal point of concentration in this sharing:

It is The Access Point into The REAL…
For it is UNIQUELY WITHIN YOU as it is within me.

In this online facility, I install and encode my gifts of Spirit, extending them onward to you, beloved of the Source;

From my point to Yours, I am playing the string of our interconnectedness;

Through this link between my particle to yours, I offer you the blessed transmissions of my inner higher vibrational frequencies;

And if you choose to deeper explore this multifaceted, wholistic, open art form, it is my deepest wish that you may find in here essential nutrients, to nurture and support your own unique divine process of awakening...

Regathering your free will, and taking the quantum leap inwardly;

Reconnecting with Your Beloved Source Directly;

Accelerating the increasing realization of your unlimited sovereign self;

And blooming into Your Self Empowerment.

It is my intent, purpose, and vision, that we interweave in harmony, our independent singular compositions and become an open invitation for the expansion of our central, collective, Core Symphony of Divine Love, Light, and Sound, and welcome it into our world...

One individual at a time until we reach critical mass;

Giving our unique contributions to the great awakening and liberation of our human family from the entrapment of the ego-mind illusions;

Recasting a new morphogenetic field of vibrational frequency that will transmute our energies and transform human consciousness into our spirit essence consciousness;

Teaming up to assist in the profound transition from the amnesiac dreams of separation, polarization, and survival into the sober realization and restoration of our wholeness, equality, and eternal adventurous exploration of the multiverse...

Lo and behold

Here we are


Our Divine Reunion

Together, Forever, inLove™

on Earth, as it is in Heaven

Thank You

and Welcome


© Gil

Featured from a Poem:

And The Truth Shall Set You Free

Love Notes:

Blessings abound coming in and going round. Sharing our dew is what we do.

I Love You, I thank You
Love and Joy and Laughter for all ever after.

Gil, so soothing , so pure , filled with Love. Thank you for this beautiful opportunity to co~create in Love
sincerely , verily,


You-re message is of Divine Inspiration and much needed by and for humanity.

You-re words are uplifting and invigorating for the Heart.

Thank You and be Blessed always.



It was great to hear your soothing voice Gil, I missed it.

All the best.


Inspiring, beautiful.

Your words set up a resonance of peace and love. A picture is painted.

A symphony is set in motion.

Please write more.

Thank you!



So sacred, soothing, and beautiful. Thank you. Love


Our Next Live Group Session with Gil will be in the fall of 2022 - Details Here

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