About Art

“Every Art form is another piece
of an infinitely vast mosaic
within the greatest Art of all:


Art is an essential element
in the weaving of Culture

As we move deeper into the new era, Art will become increasingly potent as a leading force in providing inspiration and developmental stimuli.

It will become increasingly multidimensional in vision and scope and deeply rooted in spiritual principles, carrying the transformative Heart frequencies of compassion and understanding, giving tribute to the hardships and challenges of the human experience, all the way to resolve and expansion into the depth and heights of The Eternal Realms, WHERE OUR FEARLESS SOUL FLIES UNENCUMBERED.

Evoking human emotions that were deeply buried, to come to the surface, be acknowledged, released, and washed away…

Assisting in the removal of old accumulated layers of density, at once, reactivating dormant codes in our DNA, reblooming deeply seeded flowers on the most granular levels of our being.

Art, with the appropriate energetic deliverance, has the catalytic power to orchestrate a sensory vibrational experience that is transcendent in nature, to trance-send us to another dimension, to reawaken our spiritual will and restructure our cellular, molecular, atomic, and sub-atomic agreements, assisting us in our awakening and liberation.

Each and every one of us is a Grand Artist of Equal Power, for indeed we are all offspring of Divine Love which is the ultimate power in all of existence, the power to create life unlimited… to all eternity…

And so even those who are seemingly “un-creative” in human terms, consciously or unconsciously, still are, unstoppably busy crafting and weaving in the Greatest Art of all:

The Art of Self Creation.

Enjoy the ride...


Love Note

Reading this aloud is an act of empowerment. thank you so much for this, I will work to memorize this one! 😉

Daniel Gómez

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