Time Travelers

Poem by Gil

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The battlefields

where we rode our horses

are now golden underneath their feet

watching our shadows down below

gazing at the new horizon.

Smiling real we rode our chariots

back from a distant future

to see the warriors of old

turning into ancient rivers…

Silver skies unfolding up above

revealing layer after layer

long-promised garden.

Bursting flowers unembodied


Time has gathered all its pockets

yielding into stillness

and our faces, stripped of pain,

spread upon the mountains

blankets to their wake.

Smell of sweet surrender

carried by the storm

of unencumbered winds

returning the wings

to the dreamers.

The sound of chains unraveling

summoning the unleashed minds

to be re-nurtured, rehydrated

to re-drink the divine elixir of immortality

gushing through open brave hearts

of the simple, humble reclaimers,

quickening the drifters to the final chamber

where the first shall be last

and the last shall be first…

There… behind… the beyond is waiting

to restore the celebration of a lifetime

to rewrite history.

Endlessly deep in the silent ocean

where a long-held whisper of a single wish

is eternally forgiven

to be utterly received

where all pearls are gathered into diamonds

waxing the invisible skies

stirring the void to a new climax…

Shining real we rode our chariots forth…

from a distant sun

to remember a lost, forgotten, emerald world

awakening from its deep, long slumber

watching our puddles of blood

turning into golden lakes

fusing into a beautiful mosaic

an aggregate of pure mirrors

reflecting the enmeshed holographic vastness

of our transparent unveiled faces.

From a distant now

we reemerged

to reinvent our ancient culture

in a world reborn.

To see the shadows of old

transforming into glorious garments.

For the central fountain…

where all rivers come.

And the horses…

running wild and free

right beside…

Our disappearing flesh…

© Gil

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