Free Movement

An Open Space For Our Souls To Rise

We invite you to join a movement of pioneers who are:

Freedom Lovers, 

Truth Advocates, 

Soul-driven Explorers;

Bravehearts who are daring to break through old patterns; 

Visionaries who are gazing into new horizons;

Innovators who are opening new portals of consciousness; 

Liberators who are ready to co-create a whole new world, as we migrate into a new dimension of life perception, expression, and experience;

If this resonates with your inner being, we invite you to explore...

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Life is calling us to awaken

to two main streams of consciousness:

The Program of The False 


The Blueprint of The REAL.

The program of the false is the old model of the ego-mind, survival centered and fear-based conditioning of separation, deception, lack, and the exploitation of the many, for the benefit of the few;

The Blueprint of The Real is the new, soulful, heart-centered, and divine love-based paradigm of oneness, transparency, and prosperity, for the benefit and freedom of all;

Each of us is in a superposition, we are both, a limited, surviving, programmed human and an unlimited, creative, sovereign soul;

We each have a Unique Ratio of these two streams from which we express, and operate.

As only humans, we live dominantly from the program of the false, as disconnected inmates of the old prison;

As soulful humans, we live dominantly from the Blueprint of The Real, as interconnected, in-teammates of the infinite;

Reclaiming Our Real Power

Excerpt from a live interview - July 2014

The practice of the new era is shifting the operation ratio, from a surviving human form to a creative spiritual force.

Our movement is designed to support our human family in this internal navigation.

Due to the superposition mentioned above, this process is counter functional:

Exposing the codes of the false program and working on deactivating & dematerializing them;

While simultaneously,

Revealing the codes of the Real Blueprint and working on activating & manifesting them. 

In other words...

we are shifting the Ratio from...

 being dominated by the program of the false, to...

Becoming the Masters of The Blueprint of The Real.

A New Horizon

On this multifaceted awakening journey, we are not alone. We have family members in every arena and dimension of life, helping each other to bring about the long aspired change.

Our movement is a part of this web of assistance.

It is dedicated to providing wholistic nourishment to individuals who are driven by the gravity of COMPLETE FREEDOM at the heart of their movement.  

We call it a free movement because we are moving with the spirit essence of our unlimited, sovereign being.

Here we offer:

♦ Soulful Transmissions

You will receive our Core Transmissions on a regular basis.

♦ 12 Weekly Spiritual Gifts

Each week for 12 weeks, you will receive a gift of spirit - a short audio recording by Gil - to nurture your practice and help build consistency.

♦ Spontaneous Treats

Since our work is guided by Soul, it is creatively spontaneous, in the moment, and we intend to share additional treats, as we travel together.

♦ News & Updates

You will receive news and updates on content, events, and services.

We invite you to come, play Home Game with us and become a gamechanger ;)

This movement is open to all people from all walks of life, who accept (or are willing to explore the concept), that we all have a Soul, which we can connect with, directly from within, to reveal its mysteries. 

Our work is not affiliated with any religious, political, or other earthly organizations.

It is for individuals who value exploring and practicing new ways of living, based on mutual values, that will allow us to co-create a world, in which the human race lives as an honorable, harmonious, unified and free family.

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We are looking forward to journeying with you. 

Together Forever in Love, Equality & Freedom,

 Gil & Ayelet