Transition into The New Year with a 

Deep Dive into The Quantum Heart

Soulful Activists

During these catalytic, culminating times, 

activism is needed on all levels.


It requires qualities such as 

awareness, courage, and resilience, 

to name a few.

It also requires discernment in terms of 

the source of our activism:

we can act from the outer and lower forces 

of our human mind 

or from the inner and higher forces 

of our soulful heart.

Each of us has a unique role to play 

in this accelerating transformation.

Many feel the call for action 

yet wonder what they should do  

or how they can contribute more?


It is important to understand that 

each of us is naturally influencing 

the collective field by our

thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, 

and moment by moment 

we are either helping 

to repeat the old or 

to create the new. 

It is easier than ever 

to get triggered and lost 

in cycles of emotional turmoil.

These heavy emotions 

carry low vibrational frequencies 

which diminish our capacity 

to effectively impact Real change.

Yet, we are not going anywhere 

without ebmracing 

the shadows of our past, 

transforming them into wisdom. 

This is done, 

not by ignoring or denying, 

but by acknowedging and integrating 

these fragments into the 

tapestry of our new form.     

When we operate 

from our soulful heart, 

we are inviting our 

true sovereign self, 

our inner spirit force, 

to join us in our human affairs 

and to brighten our path, 

which carries into our activism 

the higher vibrational frequencies, 

empowering us with 

a greater spiritual capacity, 

emotional stability, mental clarity, 

and a more vital physical functionality. 

Thus the impact of our activism 

is becoming augmented and magnified. 

We then transform from 

a fractured, disempowered form, 

into a unified, self-empowered force.

We Become:

Soulful Activists

we experience spiritual rehydration ;

we spin into a new spiral;

we get clear on our mission; 

we know the right action to take;

we are uniquly self-empowered;

we become fulfilled by our contribution.

Join us on a journey into soulful activism

Since the pressure is so intense, 

shifting from ego activism 

to soulful activism 

is a day-to-day, 

moment-to-moment process 

that requires consistent attention. 

This 3-month journey 

is designed to help 

the spiritual explorers, 

practitioners, and changemakers 

of the new era,



♦ get clarity

♦ build consistency

♦ deepen and enrich 

our spiritual practice

♦ reach a new level 

of self-integration

♦ accelerate our process 

of self-liberation

♦ fuse our sovereign soul 

with our earthly human 


This Journey includes:

  • Weekly Inspiring excerpts recordings from live sessions with Gil

Each Tuesday - starting 2/1/2022 - you will receive access to an excerpt recording from live sessions with Gil. 

These recordings provide information, guidance, and tools to assist you in remembering, accessing, and establishing trust in your own inner master.

  • Monthly Live Q & A sessions with Gil (total=3)

On the last Saturday of each month, we will have a live questions and answers session. 

You will be invited to submit questions. While we may not be able to answer all of them, we will do our best to choose questions that will tocuh on key points, which we feel are essential to address for benefit of the whole.

  • Access to a private group for connection, communication and nourishment.

We will be gathering in a private space to personally connect, communicate, support each other's process, practice, and spiritual growth into self aware wholeness.

Journey Dates: February 1 to April 30, 2022

The recordings will be released on Tuesdays starting 2/1/22.

The Q & A will take place on the last Saturday of each month.

Q & A Dates:

 February 26, 2022

March 26, 2022

April 30, 2022

Time: 10 am Pacific (Seattle) Time 

Reciprocation Options:

We offer two reciprocation options. 

Choose between full payment or a payment plan over 3 months:

Full Payment


/ one time fee

  • 10 x Meaningful excerpts recordings from live sessions with Gil
  • 3 x Live Q & A sessions with Gil
  • Access to a private group to personally connect and journey with us and other Soulful Activists

Payment Plan - 3 x monthly payments


/ per month 

for 3 months

  • 10 x Meaningful excerpts recordings from live sessions with Gil
  • 3 x Live Q & A sessions with Gil
  • Access to a private group to personally connect and journey with us and other Soulful Activists