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[An excerpt from a private session, recorded on December 13, 2019]

The Soulful Human includes the more practical, experiential elements of Gil's work, such as sessions, workshops, and events, while CoreSymphony includes the more artistic, inspirational elements of Gil's work, such as poetry, writings, and music.

Both are interwoven seamlessly and serve the same purpose,

providing essential information and spiritual nourishment for the

wholistic practitioners of the new era.

We are at the beginning of a new chapter as a human family on Earth, leading to the most profound transition in the history of our world.

It is a shift of consciousness that is opening and presenting us with possibilities above and beyond what we have ever fathomed in our human mind.

The Self is so vast, multidimensional & unlimited...

Yet we still move around in circles of limited belief systems and misperceptions, which keep our awareness confined to broken, fragmented parts of life.

To evolve our spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical existence from this point requires us to:

♦ expand our awareness into the multidimensionality and vastness of what and who we are;

♦ develop a sensory-perceptual ability to differentiate between what’s Real and what’s false;

♦ and allow the Real to supersede the illusory in our perception, expression, and experience.

I call it

The Divine Process:

Embracing, understanding, forgiving, and transforming our old, diminished sub identity, Into a quantum diamond of wisdom, that will rise and shine in clarity and brilliance,

as the new augmented version, of our primordial essence identity, In our local here and now.

The Soulful Human includes

educational, practical, & experiential

components to help fuel

the self transformative fusion between

the temporal human consciousness

and the infinite soul consciousness

This is an infinitely deep, high and wide, self-inventive, holistic practice, designed purposefully for the new era into which we are advancing.

Providing you with streams of information, deep conversations, guidance, tools, and transmissions of higher vibrational frequencies.

Supporting you as an equal member of the human family in accessing, finding, and reclaiming your long forgotten, lost treasure: your sovereign, unlimited self.

It is a profound, artful, alchemical inner revolution, in which you, the individual practitioner, are re-owning your true power through a counter functional process of:

Exposing and deactivating the codes

of the ego-mind malevolent false program

of separation, deception, and co-reaction,

While revealing and activating the codes

of the soulful heart, benevolent, Real Blueprint of expansion, exploration, and co-creation.

Giving you gentle support as you are putting your puzzle together, in the workshop of your soul. Discovering, integrating, and reorganizing your hologram into a transcendent composite mosaic, of your total selfhood.

Resulting in a newborn master,

independent, multifaceted, unified,

self-aware wholeness.

This work is for people who give

a genuine priority to their spiritual liberation,

leading to a new way of life which I call:

The Way of The Soulful Human

Listen to an audio excerpt from a Transession with Gil and Peter, highlighting some more information on this path:

Recorded on April 30, 2021

Our deep gratitude to Peter for giving his permission to share this, and for supporting Gil's work since 2015 🙏

Appreciation Notes

"Gil’s voice is very soothing – you can hear the heart connection within it and the thoughtfulness of his being. On the idea of time: the linear, horizontal, and vertical aspects, as Gil described it, really resonated within me. It gave me a framework (if you will) to understanding the phenomenon of time/no time and having words to share these ideas. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences of the Real."


"Thank you Gil for your beautiful and timely words that can help so many of us awaken. Your voice is like water in a desert, precious and sorely needed."


"Your message is of Divine Inspiration and much needed by and for humanity. Your words are uplifting and invigorating for the Heart. Thank You and Be Blessed always."


"I not only thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful insights shared but also the practical information."


"Since I get discouraged when meditating, the listening to my breath and then experiencing a vibration is the reason for me to join. Thank you for giving me back hope. Love,


Our Next Live Group Session with Gil will be in the fall of 2022 - Details Here

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