Become The Divine Magnet 

To Your Self-Aware Wholeness


Private and Group Sessions with Gil

For Soulful Awakening,

Self Realization & Spiritual Liberation

Assisting You to:

♦ Redefine and unlimit the self

♦ Realign with your highest purpose,

♦ Move into the new era with greater

ease, clarity, independence & self-empowerment.

Transession is the application of The Soulful Human concept in a soul to soul session with Gil. It is an open, flexible, and fluid framework, in a constant state of expansion. 

Everything is shared in a spontaneous flow, in the moment, directly from Gil's Soul, orchestrated by the universal spirit essence. 

Each session maintains a consistent, laser beam focus on its core purpose: supporting the direct relationship of the individual with Soul & Source.

Every session is unique in the combination of content and practices it offers, including elements such as:

♦ Core Streams of Information

♦ Guided Inner Processes

♦ Spirit Invitations & Invocations

♦ Energetic Transmissions of Higher Frequencies

♦ Inner Breathing – Breath of Soul

♦ Deep Inspirational Communications

♦ Clearing of Old Energies

♦ Divine Codes Activation

♦ Shifting Perception

♦ Suggested Tools for Exploration

♦ And more...

The Transession is designed 

to inform, guide, and assist you to...

Remember your highest purpose, 

as a spiritual being, 

wearing a human suit,

living on Earth at this time.

Move through 

the transitional challenges 

with greater coherence, 

equilibrium & self-empowerment.

Find your access point into 

your soul consciousness 

and nurture your direct, 

intimate relationship 

with original source.

Regain your power 

through taking responsibility

for your life process 

as the creator of your reality

Align with the 

universal codes of creation

and reclaim your spiritual core identity.

Develop your sovereign vision.

Activate the alchemist of consciousness 

in the workshop of your Soul.

Refine your attunement

to the higher frequencies 

of your quantum essence.

Become masterful at your 

energetic heart transmissions, 

and learn to apply it, 

as the ultimate medicine,

 to every challenge in 

your human day-to-day life.

Journey live with Gil

♦ Live Group Sessions ♦

♦ Live Private Sessions ♦

Live Group Transession

Our Next group Transession is on:

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Session length: Flexible 1 hour 

(based on the energy flow).

The group session offers spontaneous streaming and group transmissions.

This is a live session based on the group's energetic tapestry. There is a great synergy and power to group-focused consciousness and energy.

A recording will be provided with the exception of technical/human errors.

Group Transession Fee: >> $20 per session, per person

one-time fee; valid for the date indicated in your order.

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Group Transession is available for Self Organized Groups

Price and terms depend on the group preferences, size, and location (online or in-person). 

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Live Private Transession

This is a one-on-one session by appointment.

It is an interactive session, where Gil gives you his full attention, personalized guidance, and focused energetic transmissions.

Available live online (via Zoom) and in-person.

A recording of the session will be provided with the rare exception of technology/human errors. 

Session length: Flexible 1.5 hours 

(based on the energy flow).

Once you order the session we will email you with regards to scheduling it.

Private Transession Fee: >> $200 per session, per person

Private Transession Intensive - 12 Sessions Package:

  • Transession Intensive is for individuals who are interested in a 3 month private intensive.
  • Sessions will be scheduled at a frequency of 1 session per week for 12 consecutive weeks.
  • The intensive fee is discounted to give you 2 free sessions.
  • If you order a private session and then wish to have an intensive, you can request to deduct the initial session from the intensive package fee.

Private Transession Intensive Fee: >> $2000 per package, per person


"Beautiful lessons of spending time with my family and taking care of my mother, brother, and sisters. This time I brought whole new energy, stayed very centered and patient, and felt the love flowing through me. Thank You brother, working with you has really helped transform my relationships and it's so appreciated."

S. Connely, WA

"...The first session I had with him (Gil) was spectacular... by the end of the session my hands were glowing, they were just vibrating with an energy, I thought it was a healing energy, I thought I had to go and touch people and heal everybody in the world. It took me several days to begin to integrate the benefits that I got from this initial session..."

John Mason, WA 

Shared during John's interview with Gil 

Every element used in the session is a key ingredient in the service of revealing yet another facet of the greatest mystery of all:


Providing you with imperative nutrients and nourishment to help you remember... 

The divine priceless treasure that you are...

 The beloved beautiful, immortal child of the source that you are... 

Nurturing you to bloom and blossom as the eternal, pure, loving soul that you are...

Fuse it with your human suit and express it in your human domain, to the best of your ability, at every given moment and

Become another walking miracle in our world.

Receive Nourishment & Support For Your Spiritual Journey,

Join Gil in a group or a private session:

Live Group Transession

$20 per person, per session

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Live Private Transession

$200 per person, per session

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